An Early Impact – Meet Outstanding Rookie Mentors

All mentors are outstanding in the eyes of the student that they meet with each week. Today we would like to share about a few who are making a big impact early in their mentoring relationship. School counselors get to see mentors and students interact, and every so often, they witness mentors with an extra special commitment…a touching moment…and whose sheer presence absolutely makes that student light up. Please take a moment to learn a little more about the 2017 Outstanding Rookie Mentors.

Linda was very good at gathering information to help her be successful as a mentor. She approached mentoring as something that should be fun, but also a serious responsibility. Linda was matched with a young student who moved away after just a few months of meeting her. As is typical, there was a possibility of the student returning to the community, so Linda decided to wait it out. She brought cards to school to be mailed to the student and always let the student know that she was thinking of her. When it became apparent the student was not returning to Sioux Falls, Linda was matched with another student. This student is so excited each week when Linda comes to visit.

Manuel just started his second year of mentoring this fall. He was anxious to get started as his student was entering middle school. He has an amazing relationship with his student. They play basketball, football or just chat. Manuel is willing to do exactly what his student needs and craves. He is reliable and has never missed a session. Manuel brings a great positive attitude that has made a different to his student.

Previously, students at Augustana were required to mentor as part of a class. Most of those mentors only stay for their required time. Trey was one of those students, but unlike most of his classmates, he was able to make mentoring work in his very busy schedule. And by busy schedule, he is taking 22 credits and pursing two – possibly three – majors. He and his student formed a great connection that really works. From appearances, Trey and his student are opposites. However, they have been a perfect match. His student has shown great maturity in the past year and attributes that to his mentor. He is able to easily talk to adults and is very polite – a skill taught to him by Trey.

Last year Oak Hills Baptist Church did a call for mentors and Doug answered the call. Doug has a knack for making everyone around him feel comfortable. He right away made an instant connection with his student. Doug’s student says, “Doug is my friend and helps me. He comes and sees me almost every week. It is fun to hang out with him. We laugh, play games and he is just there for me. I have several siblings at home so it is not always about me. I always feel good when I see Doug.”

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