Mr. Laughs-A-Lot & Legend

When we asked Legend, a 3rd grader at Laura Wilder Elementary, what he would name his mentor, he said Mr. Laughs-A-Lot. Legend says that his mentor Wes is always fun and cheerful.

Wes, who is retired, says that mentoring is a very rewarding experience. Wes says he learned the value of mentoring when he was young and had a great mentor. “When I was in 4th grade, I met a college student. He was then a coach for me when I was in junior high and I knew him my whole life,” said Wes.

When together, the two like to talk and play games. Legend says, “It’s fun to get a break from friends and be creative. He makes me happy.” The feeling is mutual as Wes says he loves being around such a creative and bright boy. The two have been meeting for three years now and recalled a fun story when Legend was doing pushups. Wes still remembers that Legend completed 26 pushups and how proud he was of himself!

Like many who mentor, Wes was encouraged by friends to apply. As he was retiring, a co-worker encouraged him to spend some of his new found spare time mentoring. At the same time, a friend from church was talking about the program. Now, Wes is encouraging others to apply. He said it would be nice to see more retirees mentoring. “It’s great to have a friend a couple of generations below me,” said Wes.

The two have definitely taught each other so much. Just as I was leaving the interview, Legend was talking about a You Tuber and how he wanted to be one himself in the future. Wes had not heard that term before and asked what that was. Legend loved explaining the nuances of his potential career to a listening ear. And Wes completed the moment by pointing out that you can learn something new everyday.

Post by Michelle Madsen

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