Okay, so International Interpreters and Translators day/week is actually in September. But I wanted to take time now to say a big THANK YOU to our LSS Interpreter Program for their partnership in the work we do in our LSS Kinship Programs.  We feel fortunate to have the LSS Interpreter Program as one of our LSS programs.  This past year Kinship staff have frequently utilized interpreter services to meet the needs of children and families with whom we work.  Our LSS Interpreters have taken the time to partner with Kinship staff so together we can provide high quality services.

So, a big “shout out” to, LSS Interpreters for:

  • Spending 3 – 4 hours with the Kinship Home study specialists to meet with families so they understand the home study process and so we can obtain the information needed to write a home study
  • Making phone calls to family members to explain the Kinship Home Study and Locator services
  • Helping Kinship Locators contact family members in other countries so children have those connections
  • Being sensitive, kind and caring to the individuals and families we work with – you really help them understand what can seem like a complicated process

And a special Дякую to Galina!  I appreciate all the numerous times you came to my office very early in the morning to do detective work and to make calls to a country in a time zone 8 hours ahead of us.  I appreciate your understanding of that country’s culture and language.  It was truly an adventure and with your assistance and persistence we found a relative and connection for a youth who really needed it.  I couldn’t have done it alone!  You and LSS Interpreter Program are GREAT!!!

For more information regarding LSS Interpreter Services and LSS Kinship Program please visit our website – www.lsssd.org .

And by the way – today please have a Happy National Do a Grouch a Favor Day and National Almond Day!!

Submitted by Dede Mogck, LSS Kinship Program Manager

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