Meet the Match: Dave and Cameron

Last year, Celebrate Church put out a strong call to their members to mentor. After hearing how much of an impact a mentoring relationship can have on adults, Dave Hajek thought it would be something he would enjoy.

Dave, who is an evening custodian for the Sioux Falls School District, knew that mentoring would easily fit into his schedule. He has enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Cameron, a 2nd grader at Discovery.

Cameron has loved having a special friend. “I like when we go in the gym and play soccer or hide and seek or sometimes football,” says Cameron.

Dave hoped he would make an impact when he signed up to mentor. He had no idea that he would become attached to Cameron. “He’s a special guy,” says Dave. “He makes me feel young and is definitely worth me investing a little bit of my time.”

In addition to playing in the gym, they have played a number of games. Cameron said that it is “fun and cool and great and awesome” to spend time with a mentor. Cameron loves little surprises too. Whether it is Dave hiding a chocolate in the game box or bringing pizza to celebrate the end of the school year, Cameron knows that Dave is thinking about him and cares.

To keep track of their time together, Dave started a notebook and writes a little bit about each meeting, or has Cameron write a little bit. It is already fun for them to browse through it and recall things they have done this past year. Dave and Cameron hope that they will write many more memories in the book in the years to come.

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