Meet the Match: Tim & Tyler

For the past four years, Tim Allex and Tyler have been hanging out and having a great time at RF tim-and-tylerPettigrew Elementary. When they first started meeting, they spent a lot of time playing board games and playing outside. These days they do a lot more talking. As Tim put it, they try to solve the world’s problems in their 45 minutes together each week.

“Mentoring is a nice way to step outside the craziness of life. It is a break in my workday and a highlight of the week. I want to keep doing this until he graduates high school,” says Tim. “I have had the opportunity to develop a friendship with someone I wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

One thing Tim knows he has provided for Tyler is consistency. Looking back, Tim believes he has only missed two times in their four years together. The result of that dedication is a level of trust and ease in their relationship that stands out.

Tyler, a 5th grader this year, is happy to have a mentor. “Mentoring is a good idea,” said Tyler. “It’s fun and helps kids.” While he admits he was nervous when he first met with his mentor, Tyler looks back on the past four years and has many fond memories. They have built a snow fort, played Mancala and spent most of the time on their hands and knees searching for dropped marbles, played Battleship with boats that moved with the tide of the sea and more.

They are looking forward to spending time together next year when Tyler enters middle school…and beyond. “I look forward to seeing Tyler get through high school. I think he’s going to change the world in some way in his future,” said Tim.

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