Thanking Our Corporate Partners

On our Facebook page, LSS Mentoring is posting things that we are thankful for this month. One thing that we would like to lift up today are the corporate partners that funnel volunteers into mentoring. There are a number of area businesses that allow mentoring to be part of their culture – they know that employees can make a difference by this volunteer effort and are willing to promote ways to get involved within their workplace.

One such place is Wells Fargo. LSS currently has 50 Wells Fargo employees who are mentoring in area schools each week. Collectively, this group has put in thousands of hours mentoring youth in our community. When the workplace promotes and encourages employee engagement in their community, it leads to obvious benefits for area nonprofits like LSS, but also internally. Research shows that employers who volunteer are more productive at work and are more likely to stay at their job.

At Wells Fargo, mentoring is promoted by distributing posters to all of their locations, they regularly hold volunteer fairs where LSS and other nonprofits can have a booth at their locations during work hours, and list volunteer options on their internal website.

Wells Fargo employees who are allowed to mentor say that mentoring allows them to have a different sense of responsibility and accomplishment. It truly improves overall moral in doing such good for someone else.

If your business is interested in learning more about how you can get employees to volunteer to mentor, please contact us today!

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