Holiday Friends

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, many people are looking forward to spending time with their friends and family. For some though, holidays can reinforce feelings of loneliness and isolation. The LSS Better Together program matches volunteers with adults aged 65+ for the purpose of relationship building and companionship.

There are a number of older adults waiting to find a special friend  – we just need volunteers to match them! As a reminder, volunteers can be individuals, couples and families. The commitment is four hours per month – as flexible as you and your match need to be. Some people meet weekly, others just meet for a longer time once a month. To volunteer, click here.

As for older adults, here are a few that would love to meet someone like you.

S: S is an 80 year old man that lives with his wife in their home.  His wife is his full-time caregiver, and has been for 25 years after he suffered a debilitating aneurysm.  S writes poetry, and has a large binder full of inspirational poems. He enjoys sitting and talking, and loves to tell stories. He would like a volunteer to come meet with him for an extra social connection over the weekend.

D: D is an 83 year old man that lives on his own. He is retired from the Air Force, but has also done other occupations throughout his life.  When he was young, D did quite a bit of traveling; he has lived in Sioux Falls for about 25 years.  D is involved in his apartment community, Active Generations, and the local VFW.  He wants to be in the Better Together program because he finds is difficult to do things alone, and would like company.

J: J is an 89 year old who lives on her own. She has lived in Sioux Falls for almost 40 years, and prior to retirement worked as a housekeeper and waitress. J has no family in the area. She joined Better Together to have more social opportunities. Since she uses a walker, she has difficulty maneuvering. Because of this, she has found it increasingly difficult to leave her apartment. J would like to visit and have coffee, go to Active Generations or other fun community events, or go out to eat with her volunteer.

A: A is a 74 year old that lives on her own.  She recently lost her husband, and is trying to keep busy.  She suffers from some vision loss, but is taking classes to learn how to stay independent.  While in Better Together, A would like to smile, laugh, and have fun.  She would like to share stories, have new life experiences, do crafts, go out to eat, and, if a volunteer feels extra adventurous, go dancing!

S: S is a 74 year old that lives in her own apartment.  She enjoys going out to eat, reading romance novels, and playing games on her iPad.  S would like to meet a volunteer that would enjoy going out to eat as much as she does.

R: R is a 70 year old that lives with his wife and dog.  He was an automotive business owner and enjoys a variety of hobbies.  He joined Better Together to meet his social needs, and would like to go into the community more.  While in the program, R would like to go to events, movies, go for coffee, look at cars and trucks, go to men’s Bible studies, or tour Washington Pavilion, to name a few ideas.

J: J is a 71 year old who lives on his own.  He is retired from various maintenance jobs, and moved to Sioux Falls about 2 years ago.  In his spare time, J enjoys socializing, operating a ham radio, watching westerns or game shows, and going to Active Generations.  He joined Better Together because he would like to meet new people and would like to do “anything,” including going for coffee, going out to eat, or just going for a drive.

D: D is a 66 year old who lives with her cat. While she does have some family in the area, she would like to meet someone to spend time with outside of her family. While in Better Together, D would like to go to the zoo and enjoy different activities that come up around the community. She is even open to taking part in volunteer opportunities with a volunteer!

M: M is a 65 year old who lives with her cat. She is a retired apartment manager who moved to Sioux Falls about 4 years ago to be near adult children. M joined Better Together because she would like to know new people, as she is still getting to know Sioux Falls. While spending time with a volunteer, M would like to go shopping, go to movies, go out to eat, and attend various community events and fairs.

Take some time to think about if any of the people above could be your new friend this holiday season. They would love to meet you! Just apply today.

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