Thank You WELCA!

One of the first groups that I became aware of when I joined LSS was the Women of the ELCA. I attended Synodical Conventions, Spring Gatherings and various events like fall bazaars, and soup and pie fundraisers. I quickly came to the conclusion that WELCA is the kind of group all non-profits hope to have on their side! Units across the Synod help LSS in many ways:stack-of-colorful-old-quilts-picture-id468320545

  • By collecting needed items for LSS clients such as hotel soaps and shampoos, winter wear, furniture, books, toys, LifeBook page supplies, household goods and many other items on LSS wish lists
  • By making and donating quilts, they provide not only warmth and beauty, but also a physical reminder to those served by LSS that someone cares about them
  • By volunteering to make LifeBooks and participating in other projects to improve the lives of those served by LSS
  • By giving financial gifts, thus helping to ensure LSS can continue to serve all those in need
  • By praying for those served by LSS, and for those of us who work at LSS

I was so impressed with all the good work done by WELCA that years ago I started attending WELCA meetings at my church, Peace Lutheran in Sioux Falls. I’m currently the president of my unit and had the privilege of being the voting member representing my unit at the Crossroads Spring Gatherings and Synodical Conventions.

Thank you WELCA. Many blessings to you all as you continue to mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ!

Fellow Daughter of the King,
Linda Jensen, LSS Church Relations and Planned Giving Officer

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