Is 34% Good?

In the most recent data on volunteering and service, it shows that 34% of adults in South Dakota volunteer. While that sounds like a not very high percent, our state ranks 9th in the country for being the most active in volunteering.

At LSS Mentoring, we strive to get a diverse group of volunteers. We want mentors to represent students as a whole – not just the 34% of adults who volunteer. So…we dug into our data to paint a picture of who is mentoring right now.

LSS Mentors…

  • Range from age 18 to 89
  • Work at 290 different businesses
  • 65% are female
  • 20% live in the 57106 zip code
  • Have mentored an average of 4.3 years
  • Are all amazing and unique in the eyes of the student they mentor!

There is not one perfect mentor – anyone who has the time (just one lunch hour a week!) and the heart can do it. Please answer the call and volunteer today. Be a revolutionary in the Sioux Empire! Applications are available here.


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