Meet the Match: Jim and Gabe

A few years ago, a school counselor wrote us a note saying that a staff members husband would make angabe amazing mentor for a student at John Harris. He applied and the past three years have been full of fun for his mentee, Gabe.

Gabe loves Star Wars, movies, superheroes, art and playing board games. The two have done all of those things and more, include building model x-wings and TIE fighters (those are Star Wars vehicles if you didn’t know!) – something they hope to do more of this school year.

Gabe first found out about mentoring when his twin sister would share stories about all of the fun she had with her mentor. He was a little sad that he did not have someone at school too. Now, he’s happy he has Jim visit him every Friday. “He makes me feel good,” said Gabe.

Jim, who is known in Sioux Falls for portraying a character who loves to “Dream Big and Never Give Up” enjoys hanging out with Gabe. He definitely carries that attitude with him in mentoring and wants Gabe to do just that.

As for mentoring, Jim says, “It’s low stress. I don’t need to solve problems. I just get to connect and talk.” He has built his visit into his schedule each week and says it was not difficult to do so. “We both benefit from spending time together,” said Jim.

Like so many young boys say about their mentor, Gabe had to share, “Jim is just awesome!” These two are ready to take on the 2016-17 school year!

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