Better Perspective, Better Together – Guest Post

Lori Blom, a volunteer in the LSS Better Together Program sent us a great piece on perspective. We knew we needed to share it with everyone. As we were working with the Sioux Empire United Way to develop the program, stories like this are what we envisioned.  We hope you enjoy reading it, and if you want something like this for your family and kids, apply today! There are seniors waiting for someone to share their time and life with.

Yesterday, I learned a valuable lesson from our friend M, who is 100 years young.

When the kids and I come to visit her, we often stay in her apartment playing cards and chatting. But on this occasion, we also went to the corner cafe in her building where I bought a couple of treats. M learned of our upcoming road trip and told me to keep the containers and fill them with snacks to bring for the kids.

I probably would have just thrown away those containers if not for her comments. See, M was born in 1916. She grew up using everything….and then reusing it. We tend to think of our culture as green and recycling, but we have nothing on those previous generations.

To honor her, I took those containers and brought them home. Washed them out and filled them with fresh fruit and veggies that our kids did eat during the first leg of our journey.

Recently, Pastor Clyde Teel (Community Reformed Church) shared that we aren’t on this earth just for ourselves. If we are still here, we are here for somebody else. I know M wonders why she is still here at 100 years when she is ready to see Jesus. I have to think that it is partly for our family. It’s appropriate that the name of the program that matched us together is called “Better Together”. I am a better person because of her and the time we spend together…and hopefully it is making an impact on our kids too.

Thanks, Lori for sharing this insight with us and thank you for sharing your family with M. We know she enjoys the time too.

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