Meet the Match: Carol Twedt and Azriel

Carol Twedt has spent many years serving people in Sioux Falls. One thing she has always wanted to do is mentor a student. She felt that she did not have time, but after hearing about the great experiences others were having she decided she could not wait any longer!

At the start of the 2014-15 school year, Carol was matched with a first grade boy, Azriel, at Longfellow Elementary. “I could not have gotten a better kid,” said Carol. He now attends Susan B. Anthony and they both enjoy meeting at the new, beautiful school building.

The two have become good friends, but it was not always easy. They had a little trouble connecting a few times throughout their first year but they have hit their stride and had a great second year.

Azriel runs up to Carol to greet her and is excited to talk about what they were going to do together. “I like playing Sorry and Connect 4 with Carol,” said Azriel. “I always win.” Along with playing board games they have built with Lego’s and enjoyed lunch and conversation together.

Both Carol and Azriel think there needs to be more mentors! “Almost every week a student asks me if I can be their mentor too. We need more mentors in our schools,” said Carol. Azriel says that he talks about Carol to his friends and cousins and tells them they need a mentor too. “She is really nice,” he said.

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