Who is Waiting?

Several area schools started last week and students in the Sioux Falls district will return next Tuesday. Inevitably, in the coming weeks counselors will have students ask if they can have a mentor. And counselors will need to tell those students that they don’t have anyone available. Here’s a little bit about students we know who will be in need of a mentor this year. We asked counselors last spring to tell us about their wait list. Here it is:

  • A 4th grade boy that is having a hard time making friends.  He would love to have someone to talk to and play games with each week.
  • A 2nd grade girl that is very shy and does not speak up in class, she could use someone to meet with one on one to practice her English.
  • An elementary school aged girl who is in her first two years in the country could benefit from someone to practice speaking English with.
  • A new student who has moved across the country during the middle of the school year and has a stress as his family gets settled here.
  • A 7th grader was mentored by a college student last year. The mentor is not able to return due to scheduling conflicts. The student has grown to really love this one on one time with an adult – it would be great if a community mentor was available to help them out!
  • An elementary aged boy whose confidence has been shaken by a mean thing his classmate said and needs to have another caring adult to speak kind words into his life.
  • A 1st grade ELL student doesn’t know how to play all of the board games that his peers have been playing since they were much younger. He needs someone to teach him how to play so that he can be social with his peers during indoor recess and free time.
  • A 6th grade girl loves to laugh and talk but doesn’t get enough time with the adults in her life.  A mentor could help give her that special adult attention she craves.
  • A smart and musically talented 6th grade girl could use some support to come out her shell.  A mentor could give her a chance to connect with someone.
  • An athletic and well-liked 6th grade boy struggles in school.  He could use another adult in his life to support him as we works to focus on school.
  • An elementary aged boy who could use a male mentor to provide positive influence and accountability.
  • There is a 4th grade boy who just needs someone to be there for him and he is open to doing any activity.
  • I had a long parent meeting with a new family.  Mom was so excited to hear about the mentor program. She was hoping to have her daughter matched with a mentor to help give stability.
  • A 3rd grader who is not reading quite at grade level could use someone to help build their skills each week.
  • A 6th grade boy that is struggling to adjust to middle school.

While they are all very different, the students above all have one thing in common – they are waiting on YOU. Can you help us out by volunteering to mentor this year? The kids listed above will become such an important part of your life! They will leave you wondering why you did not start sooner. The application can be found here. Apply today and get started in early October and enjoy this school year through the eyes of your student.

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