Exuberant and Curious

Brigita, a 5th grader at Harrisburg Liberty Elementary describes her mentor Gabe as “fun and creative.” And within minutes of meeting them, it is easy to see that creativity is what this match is all about! Paper quilling, zentangles, origami, paper marbling and researching opals are just a few things they have done together.

Gabe, who has mentored six years, got her start after attending a Mentor Try-It session. She had just moved to Harrisburg and wanted to do something to give back to her community. “I enjoy the time each week,” said Gabe. “I work in education and like working with kids. Mentoring is a fun way to do both.”

Brigita says that Gabe is “just an older friend.” She also says, “mentoring is something different to do. Sometimes recess can be boring.”

Gabe described Brigita as “exuberant and curious” and feels like she has a great student to meet with each week. “It’s great that we have similar interests but are still able to introduce each other to new things.”

Do you want to meet a sweet girl like Brigita this year? Sign up to be a mentor here.

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