Creative Fun – Craft Kits

One question new and potential mentors have is, “So…what do you do with the kid?”

While mentors and students are limited by time and location, there is no end to the variety of activities. Going on a “walk and talk” through the school, playing basketball in the gym, reading one of the hundreds of books in the school library, playing a math game on a computer, scanning and talking about the headlines in the newspaper, eating lunch, playing chess and doing a craft project are all easy options.

To make craft projects easier, LSS has started supplying craft kits to schools for mentors and students to make during their time together. We rely on large volunteer groups to assemble the kits for us, like a group of Citi employees did last month. Here is a better look at what they did.

LSS supplied scissors, pieces of scrapbook paper, plastic bags, a carton of googley eyes, craft sticks and a bucket of foam shapes.

20160719_111843The Citi volunteers cut the scrapbook paper to size and divided the eyes, foam shapes and craft sticks and assembled them in 250 plastic bags.

20160719_111726LSS also included a fact sheet that included information about fish – any chance to make learning fun is a win! Wee will then distribute the kits to elementary schools for mentors and students to make together.

Take a look at how easy they are to make!

20160719_112233Trace your hand on a colorful piece of scrapbook paper and cut. Design the fish however you want. We used sticky foam shapes and the eyes. You can just color the fish too.

20160719_112917Glue the craft stick to the back of the fish.

20160719_113233And there it is!

Students can take the project home to enjoy. I did a project with my student at least three years ago and she recently told me that it is still hanging on her bedroom door! Simple projects like this are fun for students to bring home to show off. Many counselors have remarked that they set up a positive discussion between parent and child about what happened at school that day. Students also seem to open up when they are doing creative work with their hands. Crafting can lead to some great talks between mentors and students too!

If you have any craft supplies collecting dust in your closet, please consider donating them to LSS Mentoring. We prefer donations that include a large quantity of the same item to make sure we have enough to assemble a few hundred kits for distribution.

And if doing a project like this sounds like fun, you would be a great mentor! Give us a call at 221-2403 for more information.

Post by Michelle Madsen

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