Student expresses gratitude


Last month, Mamery Kone graduated from our Adult English Language program.

Before leaving, this 36-year-old student from the Ivory Coast expressed his gratitude to LSS for what he had learned. I’d like to publish today his letter in its entirety:

 “Since I got LSS program, I learnt to be humble and how to serve other people.

I don’t focus my life on what I can get any more, which was my purpose. Now I focus my life on what I can share to improve other people life.

Why did I change so radically?

People say LSS is a great program. That’s true!  For me the administration and teachers make LSS great. We all feel like a big family.  The teachers are wonderful.


The teachers with high level of education are taking time to give knowledge to those who are most in need (refugees and immigrants).

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true Love and Sharing.

I call LSS teachers of Sioux Falls “THE MOTHERS TERESA”.

All the time I spent in the classroom with my teachers has been educational.

Teacher Elizabeth is like a General of the Army who guides his troop. She gives us everyday advices to be able to act at any kinds of situations in America.  She is very intelligent and knowledgeable.

Teacher Julia is the prototype of ideal mother who always wants the best for her children. She considers and respects every student with or without education.  She is thrilled to answer at any kind of question if class time is over.

Being with the both teachers, I learnt not to judge people.

I am also grateful to teacher Diana. Thank to her I knew about LSS.  Teacher Amy I remember the first time I met her.  She gave me one strategy that I am following: phonology, pronunciation is important.

How can we express our gratitude to all this team, to thank them for everything they are doing?”

Thank you, Mamery Kone, for all that YOU taught us! We wish you great success in all of your future endeavors!

Posted by Julie Boutwell-Peterson




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