One Month to Go

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce phase of the LSS Campus on East Bank Campaign is in the fourth quarter and heading to the final whistle. We kicked off this phase of the campaign on April 4 with a burst of enthusiasm for the future of LSS that the campaign entailed.

That enthusiasm has only grown in the last three months as we and more than 90 volunteers have reached out to nearly 500 businesses and community leaders throughout the Sioux Falls region. Now, they share in our vision and our plan through their financial support. We have raised more than $866,000. We are making the final push to finish our calls to Sioux Falls Chamber members by July 31, the official end date of the Chamber portion of the campaign.

This phase of the campaign included making one-on-one visits, sending letters and calling more than 2,200 Chamber members.

We have received many heart-warming comments during this campaign, but one story will sum up all the rest. A business leader and Chamber member resisted a meeting because of his concerns with refugee resettlement, saying that it costs him thousands of dollars a year. He agreed to meet with a campaign volunteer, a former employee of his and also a resettled refugee. After hearing the facts about LSS refugee resettlement services, this business leader not only made a generous contribution to the campaign, but he asked to learn more about how he could employ refugees in his business.

That is just one of countless stories we are hearing about the great work LSS does.

Join us August 25 at 4:30 pm at the future site of the Campus on East Bank, 300 East 6th Street, Sioux Falls, for our campaign wrap up event. Learn more about the Campus on East Bank Campaign by visiting our website

Bill Peterson, Vice President
LSS Development & Foundation

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