That’s great, but what is a Life Book?

On April 29th, LSS Foster Care Services’ annual Life Book Event was held at R Scrapbook Store in Sioux Falls.  Over 50 volunteers came together and made over 1400 Life Book pages for youth in foster care!  R Scrapbook Store also collected donations of supplies for Life Books during the month of April. These supplies and pages will be distributed and used by youth, social workers, and foster families throughout the year.  We also have several individuals and groups that help us throughout the year by making Life Book pages.  

So at about this point you are thinking, “That’s great, but what is a Life Book?”  A Life Book is a collection of information, stories, photos, and memories kept together to tell a child’s life story.  A Life Book is similar to a scrapbook in that is has photos, celebrates special events and holidays, and contains memorabilia like report cards or a copy of a birth certificate.  A Life Book is different from a scrapbook in that it also includes information on the difficult moments in a child’s life, losses they have experienced, and transitions the child has made.  Life Books can be used to help children express their thoughts and feelings about situations in their life, as well as help children to identify their strengths and successes.

Life Books are important to children and youth living in foster care.

LB1 school page1 LB3

(Example  Life Book pages that were made as a part of the April Event)

Life Books are a very personal item for a child; however, they can be quite overwhelming to get started.  When our volunteers come together, they make “blank” Life Book pages that children can add their pictures and information to.  These pages are put together using various themes, colors, and ideas.  When children begin their Life Book, they are then able to review our supply of pages and select the ones that they would like to have in their Life Book.  This gives the child and the foster family a starting point for their book.  It may seem like a small item, but having a few well put together pages to add their photo or information to makes a big difference to a child.  Children and youth are so excited about the choices they have in pages and are amazed that people they don’t know would put together such beautiful pages for them! LB4

Volunteers Hard at Work


A volunteer group and the pages they made

We are so thankful to R Scrapbook Store, Life 96.5, and our volunteers for their ongoing support of this project!  If you are interested in learning more about the LSS Life Book Project or LSS Foster Care Services, please contact Jill Jensen (  or 605-221-2346) or Mark Kiepke ( or 605-791-6700).


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