Thank you, Counselors!

As the 2015-16 school year wraps up, LSS Mentoring wanted to make sure we said a giant THANK YOU to the many school counselors who help make the program work!

At each of the buildings that LSS sends volunteer mentors, there is a site coordinator, who is most often a school counselor. These fantastically organized people manage to make mentors feel important and welcome. They locate a place for mentors and students to meet and provide an ongoing source of support for volunteers throughout the year.

Without their passion and commitment, the mentor program would not be able to continue.  LSS operates the program with limited staff and resources and would not be able to support mentoring activities in every school in the area five days a week.  The counselors develop relationships with mentors that last many years and are one of the reasons that mentor return to work with students year after year.  Here are a few comments from our mentors:“Very approachable and responsive.”

“Very helpful when I had problems with my mentee.”

“Absolutely the best.  She was so understanding–encouraging and supportive!”

Without the support of school counselors, children in our community would fall into the traps of low self-esteem, believing that adults are not interested in their ideas and contributions to the community. My mentor is my hero, my best friend, my favorite part of school…we have heard all of those. But the reason that outweighs any words are the smiles on the students faces when they see their mentor. It brings tears of joy to just witness how happy kids are when their special someone visits each week. AND, the smiles from volunteer mentors are pretty precious too. Mentors report they have a renewed energy by visiting with a child each week and a better understanding of people in our community.

It is truly magical to see a mentor and student greet each other and it’s something that never gets old to notice. This program simply would not be possible without the dedication of counseling staff who make that magic happen every day at our schools.

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