What’s Your Superpower?

I’m a Volunteer… What’s your superpower? That’s what the Helpline Center asked last Thursday, May 12th during the 2016 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards luncheon.  The annual event celebrates those individuals in the community who share their superpower and help others by volunteering.  One outstanding volunteer that we want to give a special congratulation to is Eric Rippentrop.  Eric was named the First National Bank in Sioux Falls Spirit of Volunteerism Up and Coming Award winner in the Adult category at the luncheon on Thursday for his work at LSS Center for New Americans.  Winners of the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards received a special award plague and received $500 to be awarded to a non-profit or charitable organization of their choice.

Showing off his superpower at the 2016 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards luncheon.

Showing off his superpowers with Instructor Diana Calvetti-Streleck and Volunteer Coordinator Kristyne Walth at the 2016 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards luncheon.

Eric is a regular face in the Center for New American’s Citizenship classrooms every Friday and Saturday morning. You may also remember him from our blog back in February.   He has spent over 100 hours over the last year helping students acquire the English fluency and knowledge that is required for a citizenship interview and test.  Instructor Diana Calvetti-Streleck says that, “Without Eric’s help in the classroom, my group of more than 35 low-level English learners would not receive the one-on-one practice they need to overcome their anxiety of speaking English to answer oral questions.”  Eric has been a wonderful volunteer and we cannot thank him enough for his time, energy and encouraging words.

Eric with his award.

Eric with his award.

However, if you asked Eric, he would tell you that he feels that he “gets more from volunteering than he could ever hope to give.” And in an effort to give more, he has chosen LSS Center for New Americans as the non-profit organization to receive the $500 award.


Please help us congratulate and better yet, thank Eric and all of the other winners, nominees, and volunteers in the Sioux Empire for sharing their superpower to help others. And lastly, we ask you too, what’s your superpower?


Written by Kristyne Walth, Volunteer Coordinator

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