A Precious Investment

Working in the financial industry, Tonya Falkenstein knows about investments. She sees mentoring tonya and pPrecious, a fourth grader at Lowell Elementary, as one of the best investments she can make.

“Mentoring is so much more gratifying to me than I thought it would be,” said Tonya. “These are our future leaders, future employees…it is rewarding to be part of their life and see them grow and develop new skills. And, I think we have taught each other a lot.”

For Precious, she was excited to get a mentor because her siblings are part of the program and she heard stories about the fun they had with their mentor. “I like to learn new things with my mentor,” said Precious. “We play games and talk. It is really fun!”

Tonya said that her a Precious have similar personalities and were a little slow to warm up to each other. The thing that got them comfortable and able to talk freely? Simply spending time together and Tonya making it a priority to return each week.

“I have a vested interest in her,” said Tonya. “I like to talk to her, see her growth. She is incredibly smart and I can’t wait to see where she will go.”

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