Community Campus Seeks Mentors

Last week a colleague and I visited the Sioux Falls School District Community Campus. We were greeted with warm smiles and witnessed a lot of learning. The Community Campus, located within the Western Mall, serves students ages 18-21. Students need to meet admissions criteria to be part of this program where they are taught independent living and job training skills, as well as academic instruction.

Community Campus students have graduated high school but are eligible to continue to receive services from the school district until age 21. Students attend either a morning or afternoon session, Monday thru Friday. Currently, most students are living at home with their families and rely on the city bus or para transit to get to school and home.

The teachers and staff at Community Campus contacted LSS in hopes of getting a few volunteer mentors to meet with students in this program. Mentors could meet with the students at the Western Mall location. Together, mentors and students would simply talk and eat lunch. This is an exciting new opportunity that we hope people consider! After visiting for just an hour, we could see how eager the students are to meet new people and talk about what is going on in their life.

If you are interested in being a mentor at the Community Campus, please complete an application or contact us at 221-2403.

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