Guest Blogger: Minimum Time for Maximum Reward

Today we are sharing a letter that a long-time mentor, Christel Schmidt wrote for us to share. Although it is for other mentors, we thought you might like to read it as well! If you are inspired by this and want to volunteer, apply today!


Roughly 9 years ago I heard about fellow employee’s coming back from their lunch hour talking about their paper airplanes they made and games they would play at school with their mentee child. I had never heard of a mentor program before. To physically see their glowing face and to hear the stories, I wanted to do this and to give back. I wanted to be a hero mentor in a child’s life too!

I remember seeing and meeting my mentee in his small Kindergarten desk in his class room. I believe we both didn’t know what to expect that day. Eight years later in Middle School our journey is still progressing. My weekly reward is to personally witness his growth, talent, and learning.

Thank you, to each of you for volunteering your personal time in making a difference in a child’s life. If we all can take our passion we have in mentoring and introduce mentoring to another person to join our journey, we will reward another child’s life along with our own.

The privilege to always to tell, speak, and to share my story will always be a reward.

To my family, friends, co-workers, to the people I meet in public, I will hopefully spread the word and news to others to join in changing generations to come through mentoring.

Please introduce, share, and ask of others to take the journey with us to change a child’s life.

Christel Schmidt

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