A Little Happy on your Friday

Well, we made it to the end of the week! We’re keeping things light on the blog today and sharing some of the good that went on in LSS Mentoring Services the past week. High Five for Friday!!


We came across this video featuring Kendrick Lamar. To be honest, I was all “who is that” after reading the name, but the guy has some serious credentials and star power. His music was the President’s favorite song of 2015! Anyway, it was neat to see that he used his celebrity for good and took an opportunity to visit with President Obama about the power of mentoring. The video is just a minute long, but pretty cool!


It’s National Mentor Month and LSS has been promoting the need for more mentors. We were blessed to be on Life 96.5 Radio on Thursday morning. When you do interviews, you never know what might come about. Then an application came in later that day that said, “While driving to work this morning I was listening to 96.5 and heard a LSS representative (sorry, I can’t remember her name!) talking about the mentorship program. I was so excited because I knew this was an answer to my prayers!” What a fun story!


We are celebrating one year of the Better Together Program by collecting a few quotes from participants. This one came in and touched our hearts about how special this program is…“(Volunteer) is absolutely wonderful.  We really like and enjoy him.  He took both of us to see the Christmas lights. (Client) had never been & loved it.  Last weekend they went out for breakfast.  (Client) hasn’t been for over a year.  (Volunteer) is just a great guy.  Thank you!”


Nearly all of the staff (that sounds like there are a lot, but really, there are five of us) in Mentoring celebrated their LSS anniversary this month. It means a little bit of work because of annual performance reviews, but really, they are a delight to write. We are lucky to have an amazing staff that truly cares about each individual touched by our programs.


Lastly, we are virtually high fiving about big dreams. We have a goal of 75 new mentors this January. And we are laying some plans out over the next month or so to expand our Better Together program. We need help from our current community partners, volunteers and supporters and we are so appreciative of their response. Stay tuned as we share our progress!

Well, sorry for the bit of randomness this post brought. We hope that you can find at least five things to be happy about this week. We sure did.

Submitted by Michelle Madsen
Director, Mentoring Services

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