Christmas: A Time to Travel Home

The Christmas season is upon us, and despite our national lamentation of its commercialization, most of us continue to enjoy the intangible aspects of this time of year: family gatherings in our hometowns, a child’s belief in the magic of Santa, and the giving to those in need.

This is the time of year when we often return to our childhood memories, see old friends and visit with distant relatives. It’s the time of year when we want to travel home – either literally or figuratively.  It’s a time of year when we can’t help but consider where we are from.

Here at LSS, English teacher Julia Escobar recently helped her students consider this same subject. The result was a series of moving poems inspired by the poem, “Where I’m From,” by George Ella Lyon. (See

Our students hail from all over the globe and their childhood homes are very different from ours, but the things that created them are the same things that created us: family, food, places, and happy and tragic memories. These are the things that make all human memories, in a sense, universal.

Here, I share with you two poems by two of our students, the first from Iraq and the second from Guatemala.

where im from mashaal sulaiman

Mashaal Sulaiman is an LSS English student from Iraq.

Where I’m From

By Mashaal Sulaiman

I am from a head cap,

From the house that we had on the farm.

I am from the brick building of gray color,

Standing lonely away from other houses.

I am from the date palm tree.

I am from chicken and cotton,

From Sulaiman and Trefa.

I am from the brave and intelligent persons,

From strong coffee made on the fire while men are talking.

I’m from the good things of religion.

I’m from farms and lands,

From habits and customs,

From wheat, bread, and milk,

From the big cotton farm of my father and his cousins.

I am from those moments …


Where I’m From

By Dora Mazariegos-Mendez

I am from the animal farm,

From the dairy store,

I am from cows, pigs and chickens.

I am from the blue house by the soccer field,

Cowgirl’s blue jeans and big hat.

I am from corn and beans.

I am from cheese, meat, and milk,

From Vinicio and Yoli.

I am from “Seca” for a nickname,

From Christmas celebration with fruit punch and tamales.

I’m from play-with-others.

I am from Mazariegos and Mendez branches.

I am from beef and lemonade and horse races.

I am from those moments …

Guatemalan_food-0   Dora has fond memories of celebrations with food from her home country of Guatemala.


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