Bow Ties & Jordans: Meet Zach & LaPete

When a friend asked Zach Sieff to talk to her students for a career day activity nearly four years ago, he likely did not imagine he would be meeting with one of her students today.

Zach, a co-owner of SieffStyle Entertainment and owner of Clear Frame Media, has a creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit. He brought in his DJ equipment to Eugene Field and a young man named LaPete helped him set up. Some time had passed and LaPete mentioned to his teacher that he thought Zach was cool and wanted him to be his mentor. Zach applied and has been meeting LaPete every week at school since then.

“He’s always full of energy,” said LaPete, now a 7th grader at Patrick Henry. “He know how to cheer me up.”

For Zach, mentoring is definitely a two-way street. “It is a cool change of pace and good to take time to invest in each other,” says Zach. “It’s a mutual relationship and I truly enjoy his company.”

While they have managed to do some pretty fun things within the school building, Zach is looking forward to starting USucceed in a few years and meeting LaPete outside of school. “I like that we can be more intentional about what we do.”

For now though, LaPete enjoys playing board games (including an epic Battleship match), walking around the school grounds and talking, playing PIG in the gym or making up their own games and just hanging out.

LaPete spoke fondly of the time that Zach was the DJ at their prom-themed dance at elementary school. They both rocked bow ties and Jordan’s for the occasion and both display a picture from that day in their home.

Both LaPete and Zach see a need for more mentors. LaPete says, “people should do it because it is good to have someone to talk to or just have fun with.” Zach has worked at middle school dances and when he is recognized as LaPete’s mentor, kids ask how they can get a mentor too. He encourages people by saying, “with the right mindset, anyone can mentor.”

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