Bless All the Dear Children in Your Tender Care

Our prayer this holy season is quite simple and stated so eloquently in the Christmas carol, Away in a Manger.

2015 verse graphic colorThere are many challenges that can seem overwhelming, and some individuals and families are not equipped to handle them. LSS is here with tender and empathetic care to help them on their journey. LSS listens, guides and heals, allowing God’s children of all ages, families of all kinds and communities of all sizes to move forward after pain, sorrow and crisis.

Every day LSS keeps God’s children in our care:

  • a young adult who struggles with severe mental illness learning to make it on her own.
  • an elderly neighbor easing loneliness by making a new friend.
  • a refugee father working toward a better life for his children.
  • a young expecting mother finding comfort and peace in making a plan for her unborn child.
  • a community struck with disaster that is healing and rebuilding.

As we reflect on our own blessings, I invite you to join LSS in caring for others. Last year, LSS provided care and touched the lives of others 50,700 times.

As federal and state government support declines, your prayers, support and gifts are needed more than ever. Please consider giving a gift this year. Whatever you can give at this time will be a blessing to those we serve. You can send a gift to the address below. Or, visit our website to make a secure online donation.

May the joy, peace and comfort of the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay rise in your heart both now and through the coming year.

Betty Oldenkamp,
LSS President/CEO

LSS Development & Foundation
705 East 41st Street, Suite 200
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

“Away in a Manger”
Words: American, 1885

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