The Little Things

From now until Thanksgiving, the LSS blog will be looking at ‘Thankfulness’ in each of the posts. Written by various programs, check back each day for a different perspective on why or what we celebrate.

Julie’s post did a great job of illustrating that no matter where we come from, when it comes to being thankful we are all more alike than different. And it is so important to appreciate those big things – life, freedom, family, friends…there is a lot. But it is also equally important to be thankful for some of the little, daily things. Here are some that I have taken note of lately:

  • Email. This one is odd. But what’s in the messages that cause me to pause and give thanks. And the BEST emails are from They are new mentor applications. I love opening them and seeing who has decided to make a commitment to make a difference in the life of a stranger. As of yesterday morning, we have been blessed with NINE new volunteers this week!
  • Plows and Snowblowers. After getting stuck twice on Friday (small cars are great for gas mileage, not great for driving in a foot of snow), I am thankful for the crew of city employees and contractors who work around the clock to clear the streets and parking lots. It is easy to bemoan their existence when you’re stuck behind a plow and in a hurry or get upset when they have not done your street, but can you imagine life without their help?! No thank you! And snowblowers make the work of clearing sidewalks and driveways so much easier.
  • Pinching. My 2-year-old daughter has this desire to pinch our hand when she is tired. It is her thing to get her to go to sleep or if she just needs a little comfort from mom or dad. It can be irritating, but I know that someday this phase will pass and we will miss it. But for now, I am reminded to be thankful for her being our baby.
  • Jumbo-trons. A few weeks back, we went to the Vikings game. Our seats were near a retired player, so at one point in the game a camera that fed images to the jumbo-tron got a shot of our area. My sweet 7 year-old worked himself into the frame (aka photobombed the former star) and gave an awkward wave and a huge grin to 76,000 people in attendance…his highly visible red Kool-Aid mustache made the moment for me. #Awesome

Let’s take advantage of the little moments and give thanks. Share some of these things in the comments, and we can see that a lot of little things can add up to a whole lot of thanks! I better go, I just got an email from my favorite sender!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Michelle Madsen, Mentoring Services Director

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