The Wait Is Over! The Kids are Loving the Southern Hills Playground!

It took many, many volunteers to pay for and build the new Southern Hills playground but the wait is over. The kids are playing on the new equipment and having a blast!


ThetaggedSetAlbumId_content#x3a##x47##x47#media#x47#exte~57 process began with an exciting crowd funding process in which generous donors raised funds to cover a portion of the cost of the new equipment. It arrived on a semi and staff unloaded all of the parts of the playground.

Then, the amazing Chad (an LSS staff person) removed our old equipment to make room for the new set to arrive!

With the old set out of the way, two program parents took care of preparing the area for the new equipment. When the Saturday for installation arrived, volunteers came with smiles and tools and the playground installation crew led us in some hard but rewarding work.



20151019_141552Assembling, carrying and cementing in the equipment and edging took all day. We covered the old pea rock with plastic to keep it from mixing with our beautiful new wood fiber surface. A giant truck arrived to drop off wood fiber to cover the entire playground. An awesome program parent stopped by to move the piles with a skid loader and the staff and kids finished with wheelbarrows, buckets and even their hands!

20151021_152512All of that hard work made the first day of playing even sweeter and the weather cooperated beautifully for some nice warm days of play. The kids are so happy to enjoy this new play equipment and will be enjoying it for decades to come!

Thank you everyone!


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