Think Before You Post

Today is the final installment of our Internet Safety Week of blogging at LSS. Today, Mentoring Services is encouraging everyone to think before they post!

It all seems very innocent. A volunteer mentor wants to tell their friends about the great things they are doing and how cute their little student is. So they do it the 21st Century way by taking a quick picture with their phone and upload it to Facebook. And then who knows who might see that picture.

Don’t get me wrong, we love to use Facebook in mentoring! We love when mentors talk about their great experiences with the program. We just keep the safety of the children top of mind and don’t love when their images are used without permission.

Why? Unfortunately, predators are everywhere, even Facebook. Photos could also cause conflict for the child or their family if the wrong person sees them. And the last reason – it’s a potential invasion of the child’s privacy. Sure they might like this when they are 10, but if someone finds that picture three years later, what might that kid think?

So, next time you are tempted to take a photo of a child and post to the internet, take a moment to think about the potential consequences. And if you want to gush about your great student, just talk about how much fun you are having when you mentor each week or have them draw a picture for you and take a photo of that to post!

Next week, blog posts will be back to normal! Hope you enjoyed our views related to internet safety this week. Have a great weekend!

Post by Michelle Madsen, Mentoring Services Director

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