The Adolescent Brain – Join Us for Training!

The adolescent brain. We have all been there. Some of us are experiencing it again with kids or mentees. New ImageIt is a tricky thing to navigate. And we need help! Here is a great article that outlines five facts of the teen brain. To summarize:

  • New thinking skills are developing. That brain is busy growing all the time!
  • Intense emotions are going on (I think we all know this!).
  • Peer pressure is starting to become a strong reality. Some are consumed with being cool.
  • Measuring risk is not developing as fast as the thrill of taking it. We have all seen or heard things that teens have done and think WHY?!
  • I am the center of the universe is the persistent thought. We can blame this one on puberty.

To help adults navigate adolescent development, join LSS Mentoring in welcoming long-time middle school counselor John Hegg. John has years of experience with this age group and has come to love and understand them like not too many can. Using skills he gained counseling students at Edison and Memorial Middle School as well as lessons he has given to future professionals at Augustana, USD and SDSU, you will be sure to learn something about this age group. John will share insight into what is going on in adolescents on Thursday, September 17 from 12-1 PM. The presentation will be at the LSS Center for Children and Youth, 621 E Presentation Street. Email us at or call 221-2403 if you would like to attend!

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