Augustana University Student Volunteers Find Opportunities at LSS

This week all of our blog posts will be following a ‘Back to School’ theme from the perspective of each of our program services. Check back each day for something new.

Every year we are blessed with having Augustana University students come to volunteer for LSS at the start of their school year. Last year the Augustana University Recreational Services staff came as part of their training for a team building exercise, doing landscaping at our LSS Childcare Center at Southern Hills United Methodist Church in Sioux Falls. I’m not sure how many wheelbarrows of rock they dug up and moved, but they completed far more of the project than we had hoped. It’s a good thing they were all in such great shape–it was a physically demanding project! I heard some of them talking as we were wrapping things up, and they were talking about their plans for working out later that day–I thought they would be too exhausted to move!

Last Monday, a group of students came from Augustana as part of their Freshmen orientation to our LSS Center for Children & Youth to make blank Life Book pages. Life Book pages go to children living in foster care or residential placements in South Dakota. The pages help them put together their story by adding a collection of information, stories, photos and memories. They are important because children who can’t live with their birth family can have a difficult time keeping the information about their life together as they move to different places.

Other Augustana groups have volunteered during the school year, such as SALT (Serving and Learning Together). They made a number of Life Book pages, and we hope they can come back to do more! If you have a student or youth group that would be interested in volunteering for LSS, contact LSS at 605-444-7536 or

Linda Jensen, Development Officer, LSS Development & Foundation

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