Pregnancy Counseling… Where Does One Start?

You take the test, and when you see the result is positive, panic sets in – you are pregnant, and you don’t know where to turn, what to do, or who to call. You can turn to Lutheran Social Services to get confidential pregnancy counseling, no matter where you live in South Dakota. LSS is there for you, to help you make a plan – whether it is to parent your child or make an adoption plan. And the best part is this counseling is completely FREE.

LSS pregnancy counselors can help you work through the decision-making process. If you decide an adoption plan is what is best for you and your child, they have prospective adoptive parent profiles they can share with you. Your counselor is with you every step of the way as you make that plan, and they also provide support after the placement as well. They can also help you to find community resources for you should you decide to parent your child.

Sometimes fathers have concerns too, when they and the expectant mother are struggling with decision-making. We can also help fathers understand their responsibilities as they work through the process of becoming parents. We know it is a difficult time, and we are here to help. When you don’t know where to turn or where to start, you can turn to LSS.

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