Five Reasons You Want to Work at Our After-School Program

I’ve got a deal for you! Summer is wrapping up and now we are ready to add some new members to our After-School Program Team! There are hundreds of reasons you should apply today but I’ll tell you about five:

1- The KIDS! We have wonderful, creative, caring, kind, sweet, energetic, thoughtful and all around fantastic kids! If you aren’t hanging out with them, you are missing out!
2- The CO-WORKERS! You will not find a more caring or talented group of staff anywhere. These are the people I am proud to say I work with and you could say that too!
3- The MISSION! Our mission is: “Inspired by God’s love, we care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities.”That is something I can get behind. Can you?
4- The EXPERIENCE! You can use your skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of children. We all grow and learn while we are teaching the best kids around!
5- The REWARDS! I’m guessing that the first four reasons have you ready to apply and our hourly pay is competitive. However, just to sweeten the deal, we are now offering a New Hire Bonus Program! Employees hired at on of our Childcare and Education programs prior to September 15th , 2015 will be eligible to receive a $125 sign on bonus after 60-days of employment, provided they are actively employed at the time the bonus is due and payable which is the payroll period following completion of 60 days of employment.
How can you resist those five reasons? If you have any questions or want to apply, please contact me at . If you know a caring professional that would be a good addition to our team, please spread the word. Thank you!

Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education Services

Apply TODAY at:

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