The Rewards are Worth It!

A few years ago, LSS Mentoring Services received this email:

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the mentoring program.  A 20150507_123603few years ago my ex-husband and I got divorced.  Although he was never around much prior to our divorce, my then 6 year old son really struggled with what was going on.  His dad moved away and has had little contact with my son over the past few years.  His uncle, whom he was very close to, was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.  When my son was nearing the middle of first grade, the school counselor at Hayward hooked him up with his mentor, Nathan Bosch.  He was having a rough year in school and at home with acting out and bursts of anger.  My son is now a fourth grader at Hayward.  Nathan has faithfully come to see him almost every week since then.  The only times he has not been able to were when unexpected events came up.  My son has looked forward to his visits each week.  I have seen his confidence go up and behavior problems are nonexistent.  Nathan has been the positive male role model my son has so badly needed in his life.  He has gone above and beyond any expectations for mentors.  Nathan has brought my son lunch, gifts, and yesterday came to his orchestra concert on a snowy, cold evening.  It gives me so much joy to know my son is cared about by a person who has chosen to be in his life.  Words could never express how I feel as a mother knowing that Nathan takes his time out of his busy schedule of work and his own family to spend time with my son and genuinely care about him.  He is truly a wonderful example of what a mentor is.  Thank you so much for continuing this program each year!

We were so touched to read about the special bond that Nathan and Christian share! At the end of the school year, we were able to meet up with this pair during one of their last meetings at elementary school.

Nathan and Christian have been together for four years, and Nathan says, “He is definitely more open and willing to talk now, but we connected right away.” Through the years, the match has played board games, card games, various sports in the gym and discussed stories that Christian has written. And they have talked a lot.

“He’s the best mentor,” Christian said. “He likes to have fun and is nice to talk to.”

Nathan feels like he has found a great volunteer opportunity with mentoring through LSS. “Mentoring is the perfect way to make a difference. It is conducive with my work and family schedule. Showing up and showing that you care can make such an impact.”

Christian says that mentoring is “super fun” and thinks he might want to be a mentor someday. Nathan says that Christian is “a good kid who shows so much appreciation” for their time together.

In September, Nathan and Christian will be reunited at Memorial. “I made a commitment to him that I would be there as long as he wants me to, ” said Nathan. “We all have busy schedules to prevent us from continuing or starting mentoring. But the rewards are worth it.”

Click here to apply to be a mentor and experience the rewards for yourself!

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