Ten Years and a Playground at Southern Hills

My daughter at the 2005 building of the old playground.

My daughter at the 2005 building of the old playground.

Ten years can go by in a flash unless you happen to be a playground! Ten years ago the After-School Program students at Southern Hills worked hard to raise money for a playground. They wowed me with their determination and parents, church members and the community came to help assemble a playground that we were all excited about! My oldest daughter was a newborn so as my husband and I were helping to set up the play set we were also dreaming of the day that the little cutie in the stroller would be old enough to play on the slide. Then….I blinked and somehow ten years happened.

Time really does fly when I am having fun and while ten years means my daughter is much bigger and has enjoyed many years on that play set, it also means that hundreds of children have played on the equipment and we wore it out! It is time for a new playground and that means a little fundraising to make it happen.

We need your help!

  1. Donate if you can please. Every penny counts in crowd funding so give a little or give a lot! Click the link to watch a fun video from some of our oldest school age students and to place your donation: https://weraise.wheatridge.org/en/projects/22404-More-Slides-at-Southern-Hills
  2. Share the project on Facebook, Twitter or in person! Invite your friends and family to give. We have shared it on our Facebook page so please follow us or visit our Facebook to share! https://www.facebook.com/LSSLearning
  3. Repeat and act fast! Please share often and in a variety of ways. Watch as the funds grow and share update with those who will be excited with the kids! Our fundraiser ends on July 31 so please move quickly!

The new playground will provide a number of improvements:

  • There will be more to do! More slides, monkey bars, swings, climbers, tether ball poles and more will add to the fun! New equipment will give us all more exercise and help us learn and grow strong!
  • No more pea rock! We will have a nice wood mulch surface so the little ones can’t get rock in their mouths and you won’t have them coming home in shoes.
  • No more mud! With some great landscaping work, we should be able to avoid muddy shoes without having to stay inside.

The picture below shows the play set, swings, tether balls, etc. that would be part of our new adventure!

playground set one

Our stretch goal will get us an even bigger play set!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education Services

My daughter is ten and will be able to help us install the NEW playground! Time sure flies!

My daughter is ten now and will be able to help us install the NEW playground! Time sure flies!

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