Dear Preschooler,

Dear Preschooler,
I think you should know how loved you are.

Right now, two months before the new school year begins, your teacher is excited to meet you.  She is looking at the class list and waiting for the first day to come just like you wait for your birthday!

You should know that when you come to preschool open house, you aren’t the only one feeling butterflies in your tummy. We are excited too!

You should know that with each year comes new adventures in learning. When you begin an art project with that box of back to school crayons, we feel joy with you. We are here because of you. You make our days matter.

You should know that we see big things in your future but feel blessed that we get to share THESE MOMENTS with you. We are happy to be a place where we love you for who you are. You are pretty great so that just makes sense.

You should know that we lay awake at night pondering what will be best for you. We think about new ways to help you learn to love books and search for new songs to help you remember what you are learning. While you are having fun playing in the sand table, we are watching you learn to measure and grinning as your coordination grows. You just go ahead and have fun and we will be sure you learn a lot!

Your teacher has taught many classes but there is something in her that ensures that you feel special. That is good, because you are special.

You are so very loved. I just thought you should know.

“Ms. Heather”
Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education Services

PS- We do have a few rare openings in our Preschool classes. If you are interested, you can learn more at


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