In Memory of Sarah White-Young

White-Young Sarah

Sarah White-Young, CSW-PIP LSS Counseling Services

I had only known Sarah White-Young for a short time, less than six months. However in that time, I learned so much from her compassionate soul. Sarah had a calm and peaceful presence which is one of the many reasons her clients were so grateful for her guidance.

Unfortunately, we lost Sarah in a car accident on June 20. Our agency will not be the same. I have spent many hours processing this tragic event with many people whose lives were closely touched by Sarah.

Through processing this event and beginning the journey to healing, we discuss the many wonderful experiences we have had with Sarah. We laugh about the bottle of red pepper flakes left on her desk as she put them on everything! We smile about the pile of shoes in the corner of her office and the plethora of pens. She was the kind of person who did an excellent job and put forth all her effort for those she served without expecting anything in return. She gave so much to those she served and for that she will be dearly missed.

As we begin to pick up the pieces and start our journey to healing, we look to the living left behind. People continue to ask about ways they can help Sarah’s children Autumn, Eva, Milo and Isaiah. Sarah’s family has set up a college fund for her children. If you feel compelled to help, please donate to this fund. LSS would be happy to pass your donation on, but if you would like to donate to the college fund directly, you can send a check or money order to:

Sarah White College Fund
c/o Edward Jones
325 E. Washington Street
Macomb, IL 61455

LSS also has worked closely with the Sioux Falls Storm to raise money for the college fund. If you would like to cheer on the Storm during their July 11 game, see the attached order form (link).

April Bolton, Associate Director, LSS Counseling Services

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