Over 600 Mentors Spoke and Here is What They Said…

Each Spring, we survey mentors about their experience. The results are analyzed, studied and most of all – enjoyed. Mentoring is an overwhelmingly positive experience for many and seeing the results of this survey is a validation that mentoring does work! Here is a summary of the results…

  • Over 98% enjoyed mentoring
  • Over 80% have already committed to continuing to mentor this upcoming school year
  • 98% said mentoring has had an impact on their life
  • 94% reported that they have learned something new from this experience
  • 59% have been with the same employer for at least five years
  • 67% of mentors have completed a bachelor’s degree
  • 80% noted that their student was more willing to share information with them as the year when on (several others were already very willing to share everything with their mentor)
  • 67% of students maintained or improved their reading skills
  • 75% of mentors saw their students confidence increase over the course of the past year

Mentors were also asked to leave comments about the program. Here are few favorites:

“Mentoring is such an awesome, rewarding experience! Like so many others, my only regret is not starting sooner. I receive great support from the school counselor as well as LSS. Thanks for all you do to make this possible!”

“(Mentoring has taught me to) Never assume! Being a good listener and not immediately ready to “fix” a problem/concern.”

“I have never mentored prior to this year and L was the perfect person for me. He is an individual that taught me as much as I taught him. What a great kid!!”

“When you walk into the lunchroom and a little girl is watching intently and waiting in anticipation for your arrival, and she jumps right up with a hop in her step and a big smile on her face, you know you’ve made a difference and realize just how valuable that time is each week.”

And to end it, a very simple statement one that summarizes so much about mentoring:

“Perspective is an amazing thing.”

If you want to get involved next year, there are hundreds of kids on the waiting list. Apply today to join with others in the Sioux Falls community who have made a difference – one child at a time.

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