Shake the Can… Make Some Noise… Do Some Good & Have Some Summer Fun

LSS Childcare & Education ServicesFirst Lutheran Church in Volga has a spirit of giving back and they like to encourage their Sunday School classes to develop that same spirit of giving. Each year, they pick one or two social ministries for their children to support by making a special offering. They ask the kids to “shake the can”.

The kids are encouraged to save their change during the week. Then on Sunday during the offering portion of the service, they are asked to bring it forward to the front of the church and dump it in a large, old watering can.

LSS was chosen as one of the agencies for the children to support this year. Sunday, April 26 was the date chosen to shake the can for LSS. There was a long line of youngsters trooping to the front of the church to make their donation. Some carried a few pennies or a quarter and some had a full bag of change to shake the can. The object was to make some noise and boy did they ever. Some dropped their coins into the can and some wound up and joyfully hurled them into the can with as much force as they could muster. One little boy stood before the congregation and proudly announced “I did it!”

In the end, they raised $124.18 for LSS. It was suggested that these donations go to support LSS Childcare & Education Services.

LSS Childcare & Education Services

LSS used this gift to buy toys and other summer supplies for the children in our childcare centers. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, pail and shovel sets, 10 family game sets (checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, etc.), playground balls, hula hoops, Hot Wheel cars and blocks were purchased. LSS Childcare & Education Services emphasize hands-on, enriching activities that keep children engaged in learning. LSS Childcare & Education Services provide infant/toddler enrichment, preschool services, and summer and after-school care for children of all abilities.

The toys and supplies are already being put to good use. Thank you First Lutheran in Volga Sunday School for shaking the can for LSS. Now we can all make some noise and have some summer fun. If you are interested in LSS Childcare & Education Services, click here. If you are interested in making a gift to one of the many LSS services, click here.

Bill Peterson, LSS Vice President, Development & Foundation

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