Meet the 2015 Outstanding Mentor

Jeremy and Sebastian.

Jeremy and Sebastian.

The Edison Middle School counselor says that Jeremy Anderson is the “definition of loyalty.” Sebastian, his mentee, has moved around throughout their past four years together. When he moved out of state earlier this year, Sebastian knew he would have Jeremy there when he returned to Edison. And he was.

Together, Jeremy and Sebastian have played football, chess and this year are trying to discover new games to enjoy. They like to talk while walking around the school and have learned they have a lot in common.

Sebastian says, “Mentors are fun. They inspire you to do your work and to try harder.”

Jeremy first got involved with mentoring at Longfellow Elementary, where his brother-in-law taught. Sebastian is his second mentee. “Mentoring is fun. It is great to catch up on his life, hear about his weekend, family, school or whatever we talk about. I consider Sebastian a good friend and I hope that we can continue meeting as long as it works out,” said Jeremy. (Sebastian got a big grin on his face as Jeremy said the last sentence!)

Jeremy definitely is a strong example of loyalty when it comes to mentoring. When asked how he fits mentoring into his schedule, he says, “It is just set. I come the same time, same day each week. I don’t miss it. It is a commitment that I made to be here.”

Because of his steadfast commitment to mentoring, Jeremy was honored in April as the 2015 Outstanding Mentor. We were so pleased to give this award to someone so deserving and who is truly outstanding as an LSS mentor.

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