A Gift to Show We Care

As part of their grand opening on Friday, May 1st, Burlington Coat Factory celebrated by giving generous gifts to several community organizations in Sioux Falls. Members from the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, Burlington Coat Factory, and City Hall, including Mayor Mike Huether, were present to commemorate the store’s opening and spoke about what it means for Sioux Falls.

Loading the donations to LSS from Burlington Coat Factory

Loading the donations to LSS from Burlington Coat Factory

LSS received a very generous gift of merchandise from the store including a large assortment of women’s clothing and coats; men’s clothing, shoes, and coats; children’s clothing, coats and toys; and bedding. These items will go to clients throughout LSS. Kristyne Walth, the Center for New Americans volunteer coordinator, attended the event and was grateful for the donation. “With this donation we will be able to provide much for our clients. Every piece of bedding, every coat, every toy…is one less thing they must purchase upon their arrival. It is also something brand new to call their own after living with very little in the refugee camps. It is a gift to show that people in Sioux Falls care.”

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