School is (almost) Out for Summer: Five Fun Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is knocking on the door of every kid in the city. End of year programs and concerts are happening, baseball practice has started and camp registration has been completed. Below are a few fun things you can do NOW to help keep kids busy this summer.

Bird Feeder: Make a plastic bottle or milk carton bird feeder. Buy some bird seed for it and it will be something kids can enjoy all summer.

Plant a Seed: Have an extra flower pot floating around at home? If so, let the kids see science firsthand this summer! Herbs like basil or oregano might be good starter plants for kids. Go over how to care for their plant and what to do with the food they will grow.

Keep them busy: Stock up on craft supplies, books and puzzles to enjoy on those rainy days we will (hopefully) have periodically this summer.

Time Capsule: Collect 5-10 items that remind them of school now and put it in a capsule to open at the end of the summer. While it may be only a few months, that is a long time for kids, especially those in early elementary years or preschool. It will be fun to open it up before they go back to school.

Goals: Plan goals to reach during the summer months, like learn to swim or try new recipes. Write them down and plan to evaluate and celebrate your progress in September.

With some planning now, hopefully kids in your life will have a great summer filled with many memories!

Post by Michelle Madsen

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