Preschool Confidence- How Can We Be So Sure?

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

Nationally, there is a focus on how best we can ensure our children are prepared for the future through education. Research shows that this process begins in the womb. As parents, that can put a lot of pressure on us to provide the ideal learning opportunities for our children from the moment we fall in love with them. I believe that sometimes that drive to prepare our children academically can cause us to miss the greatest opportunity for doing just that. We are so excited for our little ones to learn that we forget to encourage the very thing that will help them learn best- play!

As we sort and stack the sweet little graduation caps, tassels and gowns for our preschool class of 2015, I cannot resist thinking about the fact that they are just 13 years away from becoming the high school graduating class of 2028. Fortunately, I’m confident that as a preschool, we have partnered with their parents as they prepared them to be wildly successful! I’m also excited that we will have the opportunity to watch many of these little ones grow as they continue on in our After-School and Summer Programs. Some of our students that have grown up in Sioux Falls have even sent us high school graduation invites or stopped in to show us just how successful they are! Some of our graduates are even LSS employees now. This is such a blessing.

graduation kid istock

I imagine you are wondering how I can be so confident that our preschool has prepared students to be successful. What follows is a small list of the reasons that I believe LSS provides the type of preschool experience to our students that will help them grow and learn so I have collected some quotes from around the world to support my belief.

  1. We value the contributions of each individual child! In our classrooms, each child has the opportunity to show their own skills and grow from where they begin.

    An anonymous individual said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    Cute little girl looking up at blank space, isolated over white background

  2. We have some of the most caring and loving teachers that have ever graced a classroom. They believe in the children and they are passionate about the quest to love them and teach them well.Our teachers truly embrace the mission of LSS:

    “Inspired by God’s love, we care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities.”

    parent Teacher conference

  3. We provide high quality environments. Our classrooms are student centered and motivating.

    “A positive learning climate in a school for young children is a composite of many things.  It is an attitude that respects children.  It is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement from the responsible adults around them.  It is an environment where children can experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure.  It is an atmosphere that builds children’s self-confidence so they dare to take risks.  It is an environment that nurtures a love of learning. ~Carol B. Hillman (20th Century), U.S. early childhood educator.  Creating a Learning Climate for the Early Childhood Years, Fastback Series (1989).

    One of our Preschool classrooms

    One of our Preschool classrooms where learning is fun!

  4. We provide evidenced based, developmentally appropriate activities. Each of moments in a day at preschool is designed to maximize the experience for children.

    “The secret in education lies in respecting the student.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Preschool Reading

  5. We know that children learn best when they are playing!

    Mr. Fred Rogers said it best when he said,“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning” and “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
    snow kids

Congratulations to the LSS Southern Hills Preschool graduating class of 2015. We are looking forward to continuing to be proud as we watch you grow! Parents, if you would like to enroll your little one in our full-time preschool, please call (605)371-8770 or email Our next openings are for 3, 4 and 5-year-old students but these openings are very limited so you will want to call quickly.

Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education Services

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