A Volunteer? Priceless…

April is National Volunteer Month and on behalf of the Center for New Americans, our education instructors, and our 400 English learners, we want to say “THANK YOU” to our Classroom and Mentor Volunteers


Thank you for your consistency in showing up week after week.
Thank you for being willing to put yourself in unfamiliar situations and express welcome to those newly arrived.
Thank you for speaking slowly and clearly.
Thank you for your patient repetitions and for all the smiles and encouraging head nods that speak volumes of respect and compassion.
Thank you for the opportunity your presence gives for our learners to have authentic communication with native speakers.
Thank you for being a another pair of English “eyes” and “ears” in our large English classes.
Thank you for being “second teachers” so our learners maximize the time they have in class.
Thank you for the “Namaste,” the “See you next week,” the “Good job!” with which you cheerfully send our learners off after every class.


Tamayo Dale and Students

We are so grateful for you and believe fully that the quality of our program is reflected in the quality of our faithful volunteers.

Thank you for your partnership in our work of welcoming.

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