5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Taste of Cultures

On Saturday, April 18th, the LSS Center for New Americans will host its 20th annual Taste of Cultures Benefit Event at the District in Sioux Falls. This is an evening to celebrate diversity and raise funds to provide basic needs for newly arrived refugees. Here are some reasons why you should attend and bring a friend!

5. Taste Recipes From Around The World
This is your chance to try a new food and find your favorite! The chef at the District took traditional recipes and made them into appetizers. You’ll be able to sample things like a samosa, which is found in many parts of the world like India and east Africa, falafel, which is common in the Middle East and even teriyaki, which is popular in Japan! It is often said that the best way to learn about a country or culture is to try the food. Now you can without the expense of traveling there!

Appetizers 1 Samosa

4. Witness Traditional Dance and Music From Other Countries
Where else are you going to hear this music? Unless you subscribe to global music channels, music of this kind is rarely available in this area. We have four amazing groups set to perform for you that evening and each bring a different flavor to the stage. First up on our global tour is KUD Biser, a cultural dancing group from the former Yugoslavia. The women of Biser make their own costumes, in the traditional style of their homeland. Heading south, we will hear the sounds of Kunama music from Sioux Falls’ own Kboyz. These gentlemen come from Eritrea, a country in northeast Africa, and will make you want to dance with their hip-hop infused style. For their performance, the Kboyz teamed up with some local ballerinas to showcase a Kunama-American fusion! For the next performers, we cross the Indian Ocean to Nepal, where Namaste Musical Group hails from. This group got rave reviews from last year’s event and will perform again! Namaste Musical Group plays traditional folk and classical music from the Himalayas. Our last stop on this global tour is to East Asia and Vietnam. Asian Night Live will perform a traditional Lion Dance at the Taste of Cultures. This group has performed throughout the Midwest and keeps the traditions of their home country alive at festivals and events.


Biser performance 7Bhutanese Mens Group 13

Asian Lion Dance

3. Celebrate Diversity

So many different people, from all walks of life and cultures attend the Taste of Cultures. This is a time to meet and learn from each other. In our everyday busy lives, we don’t always hear of other cultural festivals or group events, until it’s too late. Too many times have I heard “Oh, I would have loved to go to that; why didn’t I know about it?” Well, here is your chance! Here you can talk with someone from Kenya, dance with someone from Germany or even share food with someone from China. You will experience so many different clothing styles, foods, and languages that night and you can learn more about each one. I will tell you what I tell new clients every time, “Make a connection—make a new friend.” Every person you meet that night can be a connection to another culture or group who lives right here in Sioux Falls. The connections will cross cultures, languages, genders, age, etc. and it is these connections that make us such a great and strong community.

The guys

2. Raises Money to Provide Basic Need Items for Newly Arrived Refugees.
The Taste of Cultures is your way to get involved and give back! How much easier can it get than to enjoy an evening celebrating diversity, trying new foods, hearing great music and meeting new friends? All the proceeds raised from the Taste of Cultures event will go to support basic needs for newly-arrived refugee families as they work toward self-sufficiency. Refugees flee their homes often without warning and with just the clothes on their backs. They must start over with nothing. By supporting the Taste of Cultures, you help provide them with a new life. The funds will go towards helping to purchase groceries, assist with rent, purchase furniture, buy bus passes and purchase winter clothing and school supplies for refugee families new to the country. Little gestures like these go a long way in making newly-arrived refugees feel welcomed in their new life. The best part of a local fundraiser like this is that everything stays local and goes directly to new families in need. There is no waiting. The $50 that you donate that night will be used the next week to buy bedding for the family of 4 that will arrive that night.

Housing orientation

1. It’s Fun!
Food…friends…entertainment…a great cause… Need I say more? So join us on April 18th for the Taste of Cultures and have a great time! General admission tickets are $40/person or you can upgrade to VIP and enjoy premium seating upstairs, five complimentary raffle tickets and an international wine tasting. VIP tickets are $80/person. Tickets are available until April 10th online at https://lsssdorg.presencehost.net/news_events/calendar.html/event/2015/04/18/taste-of-cultures-sioux-falls or by calling Kristyne at 650-731-2000!

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