There are New Beginnings Everyday at LSS

We all love springtime. It is said that hope blooms eternal in the spring, probably because we see the earth come to life again after a long winter slumber. It is a time of renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation and new beginnings. The earth warms up with days of increasing temperatures. We put away our heavy winter clothing and we bring out our spring colors of yellow, pink and lavender.

We begin to think of planting our flower and vegetable gardens. We start walking outside instead of on the treadmill. We vow to lose those 5 to 10 pounds we put on over a winter of inactivity. We start putting out lawn furniture and begin planning that long overdue spring cleaning. Farmers and ranchers welcome new life during calving and lambing season. Farmers ready their tractors and equipment for spring planting.

We are fortunate to see new beginnings everyday at LSS, not just in the spring. We see it when a couple finds the courage to walk in our front doors asking for financial help. We see it when a family seeks counseling to get them through a difficult time. The first step marks a beginning of hope for a new way of life.

LSS sees and plays a part in thousands of positive outcomes and new beginnings each year. A couple who prayed for a child to call their own was able to adopt. A refugee family seeking safety for many years found a place they can call home. A young adult struggling through life with no family support graduated from high school and now looks forward to attending college. Last year, LSS touched more than 56,000 lives right here in South Dakota, helping those seeking rejuvenation and new beginnings in their lives.

As we approach Easter Sunday, we reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the resurrection and the rebirth that comes to all who believe in Him and commit themselves to Him.

May you and your family find renewal, rejuvenation and new beginnings this spring season. For information on all LSS services, read more on our website

Bill Peterson, Vice President, LSS Development & Foundation

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