A person’s a person…Dr.Seuss week continues!

This week LSS is celebrating Dr. Seuss! Just like many kids across the country, we are paying special attention to the great messages that come from his collection of books! Today, LSS Mentoring will feature the classic Horton Hears a Who on the blog.

To catch everyone up, here is a brief recap of the plot of Horton Hears a Who. Horton the elephant hears voices coming from a speck of dust. Instead of ignoring the voice or chalking it up to his imagination, Horton believes that a person is talking to him! Because of his steadfast belief, Horton discovers a whole community of tiny people, Whoville, who are suffering because their community (a clover) fell. They need Horton’s help!



When adapting this story to mentoring, it is easy to connect mentors to Horton. Mentors take the time to listen to the voices of little people and stand up for them. While it is so very true that mentors hold up students dreams until they are ready to take it on themselves, let’s look at this story from a different perspective.

Adults. Sometimes we get into the rat race and forget that we need help. We go about our days, just as the Who’s did before their clover fell, and don’t take time to look around. We might call for help…but find that nobody hears us. The Who’s likely never envisioned Horton, an elephant, being their saving grace. And adults – you might never realize that some kid might be yours.

Here is a little secret – mentoring is equally rewarding for adults as it is for the kids they mentor! In our survey last year, 99.72% of our volunteers said that mentoring had a positive impact on their life. And almost 95% learned something new.

One mentor commented, “The impact on someone’s life may not be readily apparent, but is definitely there.” Just like Horton believed that there was something more to that speck of dust, mentors can sense a positive impact this program has on their mentee AND their own lives. So, go find your Horton and make a difference today!



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