And The Winner Is…

The After-School Program kids decided to do a little competition at our Southern Hills location for the kids that wanted to write a  blog post. The kids had so much fun that you may see a similar activity happen at any of our 5 other Childcare and Education Services locations. You will also notice some of the great pictures from our After-School Program photographers between the posts. There were many great post ideas but the winner and runners-up have done a great job answering the following question:

“What should people know about your After-School and Summer program?”

Our Winner:

Title-Southern Hills Rocks!
I feel Southern Hills is awesome because there are so many activities! In summer there are things like pool, park and more! The teachers are nice and finally, my friends are here!
My first reason is the teachers are so nice! The teachers always help me with my problems! My friends and I always get into small fights, and the teachers sort them out with us! Special thanks to= Cassie, Logan and Helena.
I love the summer activities! My favorites are pool, Carousel Skate, park, bowling and many more! We do clubs like Drama, Lego and Yoga club. Every year there are new activities and old. I once helped Cassie in the office and I overheard her talking about clubs! There will be new ones I haven’t heard of and old ones! So activities are a personal favorite!
My last reason is my friends. I can make new ones and hang out with past friends. But my main friends are (list of names.) This is a true reason I like to go to Southern Hills! Maybe this is my favorite.
So, all of these reasons is the true things why I love Southern Hills! By, Brianna

My beautiful picture

The Other Fantastic Writers:

I like going to LSS in the summer and school year because we get to go to the pool and we get to play outside on the playground and on the grass. We get to play in the gym. We also get to play lots of fun games in the summer and school year. The teachers here are very nice and kind to the kids. We also play in the Art Room, Game Room and in the Navigators. We do lots of arts and crafts during the year. In the summer we get to go on field trips and to Lion’s Park. I hope you can come here. It is really, really fun here. Love, Elyse

I love LSS because I love hanging out with my friends and the teachers are the best. I love art so much!!! I also like cards. I love LSS so so so so much. Kids Kitchen- I love the s’mores the best. I love the marshmallows and chocolate. By, Olivia

I like coming to Southern Hills because you get to play outside for a long time. You get to play inside too. There is a huge gym. There are basketball hoops. By, Collin

My beautiful picture

I think Southern Hills rocks because I get to hang out with friends longer instead of going to my own house and hanging out there. If you go to Southern Hills every week in the summer we go swimming 3 times and every week we go on a field trip and to me that’s really fun! We also do clubs, sports, crafts and I really like to do all of those things, especially with friends. By, Anessa

I love Southern Hills because you can play basketball. Also, I like baking cookies at LSS. Another thing I like to do at LSS is draw and paint. But most of all is acting, singing and dancing. It is my favorite thing ever and being at LSS I get to practice what I love! By, Dilynn

I like going to LSS in the school year and in summer. In summer I like it because we get to go to the pool. Also, in the school year we get to choose a station. I like Art. Also, I like how they let you draw in the homework room. Also, the teachers are very kind and this is why I like LSS! By, Leah

I love Southern Hills because I have fun when I’m making edible things and I like the teachers and I like that the teachers help me when I need something and I like that at snack time there is something healthy. By, Charlize

My beautiful picture

I like going to LSS After-School Program because if you need to do stuff after school you can do it or you can play. There are nice teachers here. You can make new friends if your friends aren’t coming. You get to have a little snack before you go to Game Room, Art, Navigators, Outside or Gym. In Gym you can shoot hoops or play volleyball or play matball. Also, you can have so much fun. By, Teresa

I like going to LSS After-School Program because they have an X-box that we can play on.  We can play with balls, scooters, jump ropes, hula hoops, and other cool stuff. In the gym you can play games like mat ball, pin knock down, and parachute games. There is a special room for kindergarteners called Navigators. It has toys, games, colors and more. There is a special room for art. They have fun projects with paint, crayons, markers and other things. There is a special room for games. It has cards, board games, and games like Bop-It. Those are the reasons I like LSS After-School Program. The End By, Reagan

Scooter Fun in the Gym

Southern Hills Rocks!

At Southern, I have to be honest. Me and my friends get into a lot of fights but the teachers give us advice and we solve the conflict! In the summer we go to the pool. We also walk to parks, go on field trips, play fun games, do cool crafts and we have a half hour to read or do a silent project. We used to think the teachers are being mean but really they make us read because they don’t want our reading levels to go down! By, Anonymous

I love Southern Hills because there are games. I also like Southern Hills because there is art and PE. I also like outside. That is why I like Southern Hills. By, Mikayla

Southern Hills Rocks!
I think Southern Hills rocks because there are a lot of activities, like art, games, gym and more. We also go swimming in the summer. I like going swimming in the summer because I like the water slides. I also get to have more bonding time.
I also think Southern Hills rocks because the teachers are great because they help us with friend issues, they help us when we need a hand. The teachers at Southern Hills take time to plan projects, clean and listen to our problems.
I think the activities the teachers plan are really fun and they take their own time to plan the activities.

My beautiful picture

A big thank you to our guest bloggers from Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education Services

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