100 Strong

According to The Mentoring Effect report, 1 in 3 now adults said that if they had a mentor when they were growing thermometer janup, they think they would have chosen a different (better) path. That’s why LSS is hoping to connect more students with mentors during January for National Mentoring Month.

“We would love to be in a position to provide every student who wants or needs a mentor with one. The benefits of mentoring are there — increased self-esteem, better performance in school and most importantly, students with mentors gain a greater sense of community,” said DeeAnn Konrad, Community Relations Supervisor at Sioux Falls School District.

In total, more than 500 students attending public schools in Lincoln and Minnehaha counties are waiting to be paired with an adult volunteer. On Thursday, January 15, LSS will gear up for their New Mentor Drive in hopes of 50 new mentors that day and 100 additional mentors to join the program this January.

“The mission of LSS Mentoring Services is to empower youth to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers. Many children in the Sioux Falls area are eagerly waiting for a mentor. It only takes 40 minutes a week to be able to change the life of a child.” Michelle Madsen, LSS Mentoring Services Director said.

To encourage more people to sign up and refer friends and colleagues, area businesses have donated gift cards, which will be used in a drawing for new and current mentors who participate in the New Mentor Drive.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please visit www.LssSD.org for more information. Click here to apply now.

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